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Missed the event


The Horizontal Drilling USA: Extended Laterals Congress 2014 was tactically designed to be...

... the only event focusing entirely on optimizing drilling techniques and equipment reliability for the execution of long reach laterals.The event hosted technical drilling experts from leading E&P companies to deliver practical solutions for increasing ROP whilst minimizing costs and downtime:

EXTENDED REACH LATERALS: Defining the economic optimal length to recover incremental value for every additional foot drilled using less expensive motors and advanced rotary steerable systems

ROTARY STEERABLE SYSTEMS: Assessing proven production practices to increase the ROP and maintain directional plans to justify the cost of rotary steerable assemblies

TOOL RELIABILITY: Breaking down how tool failures are being minimized to extend the life motors, reduce refurbishment costs and still drill very long laterals without moving to rotary steerable systems

BHA ASSEMBLY: Examining how BHA design improvements and advances are enabling operators to minimize rig related downtime and control costs

HOLE CLEANING: Managing the drilling and delivery of longer boreholes with reduced cuttings drop outs to achieve the longest horizontal possible

GEOSTEERING: Grasping reservoir navigation and control to successfully direct the tool to go and stay in the target panel


Rosetta Resources

"The amount of technical information shared at this conference was refreshing. Finally a conference that wasn't a corporate sales...


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